(Radically) Redesigning care-education for an aging society.


In West Brabant, a number of elderly care facilities (VVT) have partnered with schools to improve healthcare education: - How do we train for the elderly care of the future? - How do we deal with an aging population? - How do we ensure that courses are better aligned with practice?


  • Co-creation
  • Implementation
  • Parallel perspectives
  • Coalitions
In 5 deep-dives we stretched the playing field from: technology, educational innovation, customer thinking and experiences of healthcare professionals & students. Then in 3 co-creation sessions concepts were developed from which the Zohra story was built and presented during an event for healthcare professionals. The story was also further validated with different audiences and further developed. From October 2023, we are busy as quartermasters with the strategic advancement of Zohra, with an educational pilot in Slotjes (Oosterhout) and the development of the competence range as a compass for the target groups.


There is a new story & starting point for care: adding life to the days & working on thriving (care) communities. Where care, well-being, innovation, connection and meaning are the pillars in which all target groups can develop. With programs for each target group, from the elderly, family caregivers, professionals to students, to put that new story into practice. Zohra is now being implemented by 1) starting with a program for students (MBO/HBO) 2) developing the range of competencies 3) as a quartermaster developing the ideas together with even more stakeholders.

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