Iconic TV broadcaster VPRO sets sights on successful digital future: A co-created vision for engaging new audiences online


Looking to the future, it's essential for iconic television broadcasters to engage with new audiences online and organise for a successful digital future. For the VPRO, a strong tradition of boundary-breaking programming requires new ways of thinking and doing to stay a modern and independent media platform. Rapid changes in audience preferences, technology and regulation demand attention, and online and on-demand media consumption is fast becoming the standard for many.


  • Strategy
To ensure a successful digital future, we co-created a new vision for the online future of the VPRO. Starting with a comprehensive mapping of all elements of the online universe, we identified key opportunities and threats. By visiting digital frontrunners across various industries, we gained fresh perspectives on the future of the sector. With these insights, we developed different scenarios for the future, enabling the team to make clear choices for target audiences, channels, titles, and technology.


With groundbreaking stories, reaching and engaging young and diverse audiences requires a forward-looking online strategy. By setting a clear strategic direction and building an organisation and culture where online gets prioritised in decision making, the VPRO is positioned for a successful online future. Online engagement is key, and by adopting the right approach, iconic broadcasters can create lasting success in the digital age.

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