Developing a service to boost people’s financial resilience


De Volksbank’s ambition is to carry out banking services according to the principle of shared value by adding value for customers, our employees, society and the shareholder. Being a social bank they want to ensure that all Dutch households lead financially healthy lives and therefore improve their financial resilience, beyond the usual suspect of people with payments arrears. For people who are not resilient, who are not feeling resilient, or for people who want to become more resilient. Which future-proof product, service or innovation will make people truly more financially resilient? With that challenge, we started our project for de Volksbank.


  • Concept Development
Through a series of workshops we explored trends, defined future scenarios and investigated different target groups. In a Treehouse workshop, we generated many new ideas and concepts in co-creation with experts. With expertise in consumer behaviour, digital solutions, finance and more, these experts brought fresh perspectives to the table. In our Digital Impact Studio we prototyped one concept for validation with consumers.


Our main insight during this project: we are more connected than ever before. We use an overwhelming amount of applications on our phones for several purposes, including our financials. So in order to stimulate financial resilience, it is key to reduce complexity and offer consumers an actionable context. The concept we developed does exactly this: make your financial situation easy, tangible and actionable for everyone. De Volksbank is now exploring next steps in bringing this service to life. Stay tuned for more!

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