Veiligheidsregio Hollands Midden

Transforming the regional policy plan


The Veiligheidsregio Hollands Midden (VRHM) needed a new regional policy plan for 2024-2027, with a focus on developing the security region further. The plan had to be supported by stakeholders and relevant partners for effective implementation. The VRHM comprises the fire brigade, police, GHOR, and more, working with municipalities to manage crises and fire care in Hollands Midden.


  • Strategy
  • Co-creation
  • Implementation
Our approach involved designing the core elements of the policy plan together with the VRHM team through collaborative working sessions. We helped review the results at various boards and ensured consolidation and attractive recording of the outcomes. We worked in three phases: Society of 2023, Ambitions 2027, and Strategic roadmap and way of working.


The result was a supported strategy that provided a roadmap for prioritized strategic initiatives and a design for an agile organization and working method to realize the policy plan. The policy plan struck a good balance between operational tasks and the realization of new development tasks, and the translation into the organization and working method ensured effective implementation. The project transformed the VRHM's regional policy plan and enhanced its crisis management and fire brigade care capabilities.

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