Tony’s Chocolonely

From a Choco rebel to a serious disruptor


Tony's Chocolonely continues its expansion on a global level, evolving towards a global brand. Aiming to create impact on a much bigger scale. This evolution creates new demands on all aspects of the organisation. Ranging from the need for better and more frequent strategy alignment throughout the organisation, to clearer processes, standardising ways of working, grow leadership capabilities, strengthening leadership responsibilities & grow a more global cooperation culture. Tony’s was looking for support to design & develop a strong fundament, leveraging from its current strengths and evolving capabilities to continue to cope with the current and growing global demands.


  • Thrive by design
  • Change
Because of the large diversity among the different parts of the organisation, we have worked on two levels: - In the first phase we have worked with a thrive team to prepare and facilitate workshops with the board to develop the goals and high-level design of the changes needed. - In the second phase we have supported different departments to develop their differentiated strategies. Guiding them to tailor the strategy to their specific context and translate it in improved processes, ways of working and responsibility.


As a result we have delivered: - A change story, communication plan and governance structure to let the strategy come to life - A clear innovation process and RASCI’s, in collaboration with all relevant departments and stakeholders important for new product development - Strategies for people & culture, finance and operations

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