Unlocking success for Schweppes in the premium mixer market - The story of Schweppes Selection


Schweppes, a well-known brand for its mainstream sodas, is eyeing a bigger share in the premium mixing segment. Jacob Schweppe invented carbonated water in 1783, laying the foundation for the brand's iconic Tonic - a drink that predates coca-cola. To capitalize on the growing demand for premium mixers, Schweppes launched Schweppes Selection. Now, the company is exploring ways to secure its position in the premium segment with Schweppes Selection.


  • Concept Development
  • Consumer validation
To find new and compelling directions for Schweppes in the premium mixing category, Elemental conducted extensive market research across five cities: Antwerp, Brussels, Milan, Rome, and Stockholm. This included interviews with local and international teams of Schweppes, co-creation sessions with lead consumers in the five cities, and interviews with renowned bartenders worldwide. The result of this research was clear consumer insights, strong narratives, and opportunities for Schweppes to excel in the premium mixing category.


With a thorough understanding of the premium mixing market and the consumers' preferences, Elemental helped Schweppes develop three strategic directions to position itself favorably in the premium segment and impact its portfolio play. By leveraging these insights and strategies, Schweppes aims to establish itself as a significant player in the premium mixer market and meet the evolving needs of consumers seeking premium experiences.

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