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Establishing the Start-up School for the entrepreneurs of the future


Eindhoven = booming, with a lot of focus on tech and design, and many ambitious youngsters aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs. Many of them can't wait to embark on a journey into entrepreneurship after completing secondary education, but lack specific know-how and a solid foundation to be successful. This calls for a renewed course that offers students hands-on tools for future-proof entrepreneurship.


  • Co-creation
  • Concept Development
The overarching aim was to create a programme designed for, by and with entrepreneurs, with a strong focus on the ‘People Planet Profit’ perspective. To deepen our understanding within the field of future entrepreneurship, we started with a series of expert interviews. Then, in a co-creation workshop with industry experts from various Start-ups, we tackled the following question: How can we make the Start-up School relevant, appealing and future-proof in collaboration with organisations in the Brainport region?


The result is a concept programme with a strong focus on not only a solid foundation of theory, but also enough space for 'learning by doing' in a creative and energetic environment. The Start-up School team will now translate the concept into concrete education and take the further steps towards realisation. The new Start-up School will welcome its first students in January 2022.

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