Sustainable innovation in the salmon chain


Skretting is a fish feed producer and as part of Nutreco working on their purpose: feeding the future. This means they are looking for ways to contribute to a healthy society in a sustainable way. This coincided with the Innovation Movement within SHV and they were looking for a way to bring sustainability and innovation together.


  • Sustainability Strategy
We developed a 3 month programme with three 2-day bootcamps to discover opportunities, ideate and validate assumptions. We started with a value chain analysis: mapping the trends and impact knowledge(materiality) that is already present in the salmon industry. We identified a number of ‘value pockets’, areas where sustainability and business results go together. These value pockets have been validated throughout the chain (consumers, supermarkets, salmon farms, ingredient suppliers). For the most valuable pockets the teams interviewed the stakeholders with the most leverage: what are their needs and what is holding them back? We then brainstormed ideas and developed them into concepts through prototypes and impact analysis.


The results were 3 innovations for different stakeholders in the value chain that focused on different mechanisms to make the salmon chain more sustainable.

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