Innovation curriculum at SHV


Within SHV we helped #5 of their organisations integrate innovation in their organisation (Makro, Mammoet, ERIKS, SHV Energy, Nutreco). One of the core components was creating a shared base of innovation skills. SHV's goal was to embed innovation deep within the organisation (all employees must be able to contribute) and work must be done on all innovation horizons per organisation (wide). Linked to solutions (how do we implement the strategy), governance (leadership), culture, tools


  • Strategy
  • Organization & governance
  • Culture & leadership
We have therefore developed a curriculum to work on all horizons (wide): -A basic innovation training on Lean Startup and Design Thinking to become an innovator ("I know how it works and with an innovation coach in the team I can make an impact"), among other things. With the Innovation Marathon & 2.5 day training - Training coaches in the teams (1:1 coaching in combination with an online coaching platform (tool to go from observation, diagnosis , intervention) - Training leadership to support the innovation teams (understanding what they do, and also what it requires from the context of the innovation teams)


Using an approach called Friction Hunters, for every employee to implement improvements in their own work – with a scalable train-the-trainer model that was rolled out from HR in a short time per country (#5000 employees trained in one week (15' training per day )

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