Designing impact coalitions for the energy and housing crisis


The Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam is at a crossroads. The Broad Prosperity (“Brede Welvaart”) of the region is falling. With issues such as the increasing struggle to pay for basic needs like housing and energy. This prompted Rabobank to take action and honour their cooperative roots. They saw that these were not challenges they could tackle alone, which raised the question: "Can we form coalitions to address the housing and energy crisis in the region?"


  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Coalition building
Together with the Rabobank & partners, we worked on the design of two coalitions: one for energy cooperatives, the other for housing. Our approach included: Interviews to grasp the issue of housing / energy cooperatives; Scouting of potential partners for the coalition; Co-creation sessions with potential partners & contributors to design new solutions for the coalition; Crafting a compelling vision and narrative for both coalitions; Creating an action-plan for building both coalitions.


We’ve formed two exciting, ambitious, and yet feasible coalition concepts. Through co-creation, we found initial parties who are energized and willing to contribute to the cause of the coalitions. This year, we will be helping Rabobank & partners to form the coalitions and start to realize these concepts into action. All with the purpose: Broad Prosperity (“Brede Welvaart”) in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

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