Developing the positioning and offering for medical assistants in hospitals


The Nederlandse Vereniging van Doktersassistenten (NVDA) is crucial for the development and visibility of medical assistants in healthcare. However, there has been a stagnation in membership growth, and it is difficult to reach medical assistants in hospitals. What does the NVDA have to do, be and offer to be relevant for (new) medical assistants, in hospitals specifically?


  • Co-creation
  • Interviews
  • Lighthouse
First, Elemental conducted research into the current propositioning and offering of the NVDA. What are they currently doing and focussing on? Where and how can we add structure and focus? Second, we interviewed different stakeholders that are crucial to understand what factors are relevant for medical assistants. Lastly, we combined all these insights to deliver a full advice and strategy report for the NVDA.


By taking these steps, we were able to identify the gaps between the expectation and needs of medical assistants in hospitals and what the NVDA is providing. For example; medical assistants throughout the Netherlands want more contact with each other for training and knowledge purposes. Thus, the NVDA will be playing a crucial role in starting a network that will bring doctor's assistants in hospitals across the country into closer contact with each other.

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