Re-greening Business Premises


IVN is the leading organisation in nature education in the Netherlands. Through programs, courses, and campaigns, they enable people to experience the beauty and significance of the natural world. In collaboration with over 30 public and private organisations, they have initiated a coalition aimed at reimagining business parks across the country. The goal is to transform these grey and concrete spaces into vibrant green landscapes that not only address the climate and biodiversity crises but also create excellent working environments. IVN approached us to assist them in facilitating two offsite days, where coalition partners would come together to co-create strategies for collaboration and their plans for the first year. Our primary challenge was to find a way to facilitate this diverse group and their differing viewpoints, in order to develop an integrated plan that helped them to realise their purpose of transforming 1000 business parks by 2030.


  • Co-creation
  • Coalition building
We organised and facilitated two dynamic 24-hour offsite events designed to foster connection, energy, and practicality. In collaboration with IVN and other stakeholders, we carefully devised the appropriate structure and methodologies to promote effective collaboration and inspiring co-creation within this highly diverse group of participating organisations.


Through our efforts, we successfully channeled a wide range of interests and perspectives into a collectively shaped vision and concrete project plans for re-greening a significant portion of the Netherlands. However, the most significant achievement was the establishment of connections and activation of a large group of passionate individuals who share the common goal of making our country much greener!

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