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Developing a vision on the way forward of sustainable logistics


The Zuidas has developed into a high-quality urban environment. The continuous development and growth put pressure on the accessibility and quality of life on the Zuidas. Green Business Club (GBC) Zuidas focuses as an impact organisation on initiating projects with the overarching ambition to make Zuidas the most sustainable residential and working area of the Netherlands. In 2018 57 companies signed GBC’s Green Deal Zero Emission City logistics for an emission-free Zuidas in 2025. How can we work towards this goal starting at the supplier side?


  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Future Visions
Together with a multidisciplinary team from Green Business Club and Fronteer a process was co-created that aimed to gather qualitative insights from various stakeholders in the Zuidas. Five major suppliers were connected with whom we conducted interviews. Our interviewees were account managers, as well as CSR managers and country managers from the different suppliers. As to ensure a holistic overview of the challenges and opportunities towards a Zero Emission logistic chain starting at the supplier side.


The willingness towards emission-zero among the interviewed suppliers gives good hope for an emission-free Zuidas in 2025. GBC can mobilise, connect and raise awareness. Next to that GBC can, through contact with both the recipients and the suppliers ensure that next steps are taken such as the setting up pilots with progressive parties in the triangle: suppliers, recipients and facilitators. Finally, ownership of concept development can ensure that both receivers and suppliers get a hand in their sustainability journey. For example, with tools such as dashboards and communication platforms. Next steps will be to make a sustainable logistic concept for multi-tenant buildings. In these offices several stakeholders have to be brought together to make a sustainable practice.

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