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Creating sustainable Amsterdam 2030: municipality embraces doughnut concept for organizational design and achieving sustainability goals


The Municipality of Amsterdam is committed to achieving its ambitious sustainability goals, and it has embraced the "doughnut" concept to make it happen. However, with the rapid growth of the Sustainability department, coherence has become a challenge. In response, the department enlisted our help to develop a mission and vision for the new Sustainability team's roles. By drawing inspiration from the 7 roles for sustainable success and considering the complex ecosystem, the team has laid the foundation for the organizational design.


  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Future Visions
  • Concept Development
  • Organization & governance
The chosen structure ensures that the city's most crucial sustainability transitions - sustainable energy, circular economy, and a green, healthy city - are given due consideration. Cross-functional teams, core tasks, objectives, roles, and a function transition matrix have all been carefully designed to achieve these transitions. To foster collaboration, the team has even created a bingo card with "nudges" and exercises to encourage conscious thinking about good forms of collaboration.


The result is an exciting project called Sustainable Amsterdam 2030, which drives sustainability within the town hall and the city. The project generates enthusiasm for the Sustainability team's mission and collaborative work, with a focus on creating a sustainable impact. With Sustainable Amsterdam 2030, the Municipality of Amsterdam is well on its way to achieving its sustainability goals and creating a brighter future for its residents.

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