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Forming the 2bcm Alliance for the future of green gas in the Netherlands


In December 2015, the Climate Agreement of Paris was signed by 195 countries. The Agreement came with some ambitious goals, one of which involved the transition to green gas. Green gas is derived from organic waste material, carbon-neutral and renewable. Green gas can be used exactly the same way as natural gas, however, the way in which green gas is produced could stand some improvement. So green gas is a way more sustainable option for natural gas and has great potential to contribute to the energy transition. To achieve this, a robust and adequate green gas program is required. The green gas industry needs to be harmonized and further professionalised. Additionally, a shared vision and approach need to be developed.


  • Coalition building
Together with the initiators of the 2bcm Alliance, we started to define a shared ambition for the future of green gas in the Netherlands. These organizations within the 2bcm Alliance come from different places in the value chain, are action-oriented and want to stimulate the supply and demand of green gas. Together we interviewed more than thirty-five experts from the green gas industry. Insights retrieved from these interviews were used as input for three co-creation workshops in which we developed ten concepts. These concepts included innovative ways to kick-start supply and demand of green gas in the Netherlands.


Currently, five sub-teams are working on projects derived from the concepts developed in the co-creation workshops. The 2bcm Alliance is an ever-turning wheel that strives to meet the ambitious goals of the climate agreement in 2030. The world’s greatest problems cannot be solved individually. Meaningful coalitions need to be formed in order to stand stronger together.

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