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Developing the education for the entrepreneurs of the future at SUMMA College


What should education for the entrepreneurs of the future look like? In a world that is changing and digitising fast, entrepreneurs have to be innovative. As authenticity and networking become more important, social skills are key for entrepreneurs. And while entrepreneurship is becoming more competitive and diversified, it is ever more important to find your unique qualities as an entrepreneur. We set out to design a new school, for the entrepreneurs of the future.


  • Co-creation
  • Future Visions
  • Consumer validation
We first created a vision on the future of entrepreneurship as well as education for entrepreneurship, based on expert interviews and a co-creation session with students. After validating this vision with experts, alumni and teachers we co-created several education concepts to make the vision come to life. We further validated and detailed these concepts in co-creation with teachers and experts.


The result of this project is a new educational programme for SUMMA called “De Nieuwe Ondernemer” (The New Entrepreneur), with a unique and innovative vision on educating the entrepreneurs of the future. For the Nieuwe Ondernemersschool we co-created seven educational concepts, including course descriptions and learning goals, planning outlines and concrete strategies to create sustainable sector partnerships. De Nieuwe Ondernemer will open its doors to new students in fall 2023.

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