Designing a more sustainable operational model at a metal scraper, using the B Corp framework


Myne, a metal scraper, has made a huge transformation in the past years. Through technological research and innovation, they have now developed a new impact business model that converts metal waste into high-quality circular metal in 5 revolutionary steps. They are the first in the world to introduce 100% circular aluminium. Their ambition is to become the first fully circular metal scraper. With this transformation, the board wants to assess how their organisation should grow along with this development and become a fully sustainable organisation as well. Resulting in the question: how deep is sustainability embedded in the organisation and where are the opportunities for improvement? Myne wants to make their sincere intentions explicit, by in the future being able to apply for a B Corp certificate*. However for now this was not the goal, but a means to assess their gap. * = B Corps make choices that affect not just their shareholders, but everyone associated with the service or product (including the environment). In the Netherlands there are +400 companies with the certificate, such as Tony's Chocolonely, Auping and Elho. A strict one condition is having a mission that is not just about profit.


  • Sustainability Strategy
Through a fit-gap analysis, Elemental helped the company to map the current status, ambitions and opportunities for improvement. We do this with energy rather than making it an administrative exercise: - We start by determining their ambition with regard to a sustainable operational model and the purpose of the analysis (inspiration/ viability of a certification/ roadmap to certification) to help in prioritising the actions. - We use the B Corp questionnaire as a handle for the fit-gap analysis. Applying for the certificate is not the goal, but can be a result. We’ve organised a weekly impact session per impact area (governance, workers, community, environment and customers) with the relevant board members and colleagues with a say in the topic. - We’ve concluded with a reflection & roadmap session to prioritise the actions from the different impact areas in short and longer term perspective.


The result of this project are the insights and ideas to become even more sustainable, converted in a detailed and realistic roadmap. It provides enthusiasm, a clear picture of where the organisation now stands and what they have to do. The opportunity of applying for a B Corp certificate provides the extra incentive to continue working together to become business as a force for good.

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