City of Rotterdam

Reinventing the city through the power of multiple use of space


The Rotterdam of the future is compact, healthy and inclusive. In the city, facilities are within walking and cycling distance, there is plenty of space, nature and activity. The future city is accessible, liveable and sustainable. But this attractive image entails an extensive task, in which the demand for mobility, both for people and goods, will be very dominant. In mid-2020, we had the opportunity to explore how the digitalisation of streets can contribute to these ambitions. Together with the Municipality of Rotterdam, we asked ourselves: how can we implement dynamic policy to promote the residents and mobility happiness of ‘Rotterdammers’?


  • Concept Development
For the Opportunity Scan, we took 2 streets in Rotterdam as a start for an initial exploration. By conducting a thorough analysis, various characteristics of the street were mapped out such as: use, profile, space and signage. Complemented with various stakeholder interviews, the challenges and opportunities for Coding the Curbs became increasingly clear.


You don’t come up with successful innovation for, but together with the target group. That is why 2 co-creation sessions with stakeholders, such as residents and companies, have been an important part of this project. During these creative workshops, we validated and enriched the various local challenges together with 14 stakeholders and the Municipality of Rotterdam. In addition, the participants collaborated on formulating opportunities and creating concepts for digital street coding in Rotterdam – such as dynamic load zones and flexible shared mobility hubs.

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