City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam's mobility transition: the future of mobility hubs


Amsterdam's mobility system is undergoing a significant transformation due to the rapid growth of the city's population, changing technologies, and the implementation of progressive policies. To create more space for nature, health, and activity, the city is moving towards a flexible, self-driving, and digitally integrated mobility system. This new system will see shared mobility become an extension of the existing public transport network, with mobility hubs serving as anchor points for the different modes of transportation to come together.


  • Strategy
  • Co-creation
  • Future Visions
Despite the city's enthusiasm for mobility hubs, there are still many questions to be answered. What will the hubs look like, and who will develop and manage them? What will be the roles of the municipality and the market? A multidisciplinary team has been working to answer these questions, defining the ambitions and hypotheses for the future system of hubs. Collaborating with mobility companies, public transport providers, project developers, regional governments, and scientists, they have explored ideas, principles, and strategies for mobility hubs in Amsterdam.


The city acknowledges that there will not be one straight future for hubs, with different transition paths being applicable to different types of hubs and different parts of the city. However, the city is willing to take a leadership role in this transition, working with partners to achieve the new vision. The coming years will focus on experimentation with different models and the realisation of the first hubs, which will serve as examples for many more to come. By embracing the mobility hub concept, Amsterdam is taking a crucial step towards a sustainable, efficient, and inclusive mobility system for its residents and visitors.

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