Audi Netherlands

Repositioning Audi as progressive premium player in the Netherlands


Audi has been one of the leading premium car brands for years. A brand with an unconventional history and a legacy of technically superior cars. But in a market where sustainability is driving consumer choices, new brands like Tesla are quickly winning market share, and premium has acquired a new meaning, what is itthat makes the Audi brand unique and distinctive?


  • Brand Purpose & Positioning
We took the Audi team for a ride to give the brand new meaning in the Netherlands. In open conversations with consumers, car journalists and staff members found out which part of the Audi brand makes people’s heart beat faster, and in which areas the brand was getting behind on the competition. And during our Parallel Perspectives day, we did a deep dive into the world of progressive premium consumers. What could Audi learn from a denim brand, a high-end gym, a boutique perfume store and Amsterdam’s biggest members’ club? A lot, it turned out.


Using our Lighthouse model, we developed a clear new positioning for the Audi brand: Aspirational for its target group and distinctive from the competition. A clear and guiding vision for the team to make Audi a new beacon of progress in the Dutch car market.

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