Redesigning the Amsterdam’s visitor economy for a liveable city


For centuries, people from all over the globe have flocked to Amsterdam, drawn by its entrepreneurial, liberal, and creative spirit. Visitors contribute substantially to the city’s vivid cultural institutions, hospitality sector, and public services. But in recent years, tourism has put the city under pressure. Crowds, misconduct, and increased monoculture in the food and retail sector placed visitors in bad daylight. How can Amsterdam redesign its visitor economy to contribute to the city’s economic, social, and environmental ambitions?


  • Future Visions
The Municipal Executive of the City of Amsterdam has asked amsterdam&partners to advise on the future of the visitor economy. In co-creation with more than a hundred stakeholders - consisting of experts, partners, residents' organizations, entrepreneurs, businesses, and cultural institutions from all over the city - this became a piece of true advice by the city, for the city. By bringing together all these parties, we were able to paint a joint picture of a sustainable visitor economy.


What is the freedom that we treasure in Amsterdam? We want a city that celebrates creativity, diversity, and entrepreneurship, but not without respect for its history, residents, and environment. Seven pillars form the basis of our advice to realise a sustainable visitor economy, amongst which a focus on conscious visitors, rewarding good business, increased resident involvement, and managing the night. Together with stakeholders across the city, amsterdam&partners works hard to get the balance right again in Amsterdam’s visitor economy.

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