Developing a vision for the Dutch energy landscape in 2040


Much has already been done in recent years to be ready for the future and in particular in regard to 2030. Plans and development programmes have been set up with this goal in mind. However, the question has arisen: what to do after 2030? And for Alliander specifically, what will the energy landscape of the future look like?


  • Future Visions
All different kinds of questions arose such as, what will everyday life look like in 2040? How do people interact with each other and their environment? How will the economy develop? Which challenges will be relevant? And what possible solutions are there? Together with experts from various fields of expertise, we collected building blocks. These blocks have formed the foundation which we have used to form a vision for several potential scenarios towards 2040.


These scenarios can be both positive and negative. Around 2030, a point will come where it becomes clear which way we will go, towards a society with individualism and polarization or an adaptive society where we are all winners? This all depends on the choices that are made now. Which steps can Alliander take now to steer towards a more brighter future.

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