Developing smart solutions to facilitate the Dutch energy transition


The energy transition is accelerating, pushed by the tremendous effort households make to become more sustainable (for example, by installing charging stations, solar panels, and heat pumps). The simultaneous use of sustainable technologies by multiple households at the neighborhood level creates peak moments on the grid, possibly resulting in power outages. Because the electricity demand is growing faster than the grid operator can reinforce the electricity grid, intelligent solutions are needed to facilitate the transition permanently. Given the size and complexity of this challenge, we have explored this further with Alliander, in co-creation with market parties to develop solutions together.


  • Co-creation
  • Concept Development
  • Design Thinking
Collaboration between market parties and grid operators is essential to facilitate the exponential demand for electricity and thus make the energy transition possible. Therefore, the outside-in approach was taken in which Alliander was able to actively work with a diverse group of market players and co-creatie new solutions together. This was done through various workshops and sparring sessions over a period of 6 months. Alliander acknowledges the opportunities of co-creation. Because of that, we collaboratively investigated how our proven co-creation methodology could become a standard feature within their organization.


During final presentations, three validated product-market combinations were developed and presented to a jury and the market players. The outcome? An unanimous decision that each concept has potential and that follow-up steps will follow. But above all, the collaboration between Alliander and market players has started and won’t stop anymore. And in terms of weaving co-creation within the Alliander DNA; it is now part of the innovation toolkit and can be used throughout the organization.

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