Co-creation of scalable local energy solutions: how to meet the evolving demands of the sustainable energy market


The energy transition is driving a significant shift in the current energy system. With an increasing focus on sustainable and locally sourced energy like solar and wind, the system has become more decentralized and dependent on weather patterns. This change creates the need for consumers, entrepreneurs, and market participants to adapt energy consumption to times when energy is available. To develop scalable local energy solutions, Dutch distribution system operator, Alliander engaged Elemental to facilitate the co-creation process with the market.


  • Co-creation
  • Concept Development
Elemental and Alliander partnered on a co-creation initiative, which included three brainstorming sessions to generate ideas and concepts. Through the use of a scoring matrix, the team was able to select the most promising ideas to move forward with, narrowing down the concepts to one or two to develop into a product or service with their partners. This process enabled Alliander to gain valuable insights and ideas from the market, which they used to develop actionable design briefs for implementation.


This co-creation initiative has provided Alliander with the opportunity to better understand the needs and wants of the market and align their solutions with them. By engaging with Elemental and their partners, Alliander has developed scalable local energy solutions that meet the evolving energy demands of their consumers. The co-creation process enabled them to generate ideas and concepts that they will develop into a product or service with their partners, providing them with a competitive advantage in the growing sustainable energy market.

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