Elemental is a mission-first strategy firm.
We inspire and enable organisations to drive the transition
towards a planet and society that thrive.

Who we are

We are an energetic and multidiscplinary mix of thinkers, dreamers, and doers

From industrial designers to anthropologists,
generalists to specialists. All laser-focused
on the most important and urgent work.

Meet the team

Meet our people

All super talented, incredibly curious,
and contagiously optimistic.

Nina Grispen

Jolijn de Roode

Flore Rens

Britt Schijvenaars

Maarten van Bemmel

Martijn Pater

Fleur Rozendaal

Emma Schootstra

Justin van der Starre

Pieter van der Boog

James Veenhoff

Mariette van Muijen

Sophie Dijkkamp

Femke van Dam

Strategy Intern

Merel Mathôt

Ferry van Halem

Shannen Chin

Saar Jonkmans

Myrthe Lemmen

Janne Zengerink

Leonie van Mierlo

Celia de Vries

Joska Stoorvogel

Tim Ramsche

Hugo Polman

Carlijn Tempelaars

Malou Peters Sengers

Marianne Thieme

Martine Hochstenbach

Brenda Tjon-Fo

Roxanne van Rijn

Rosa Elgershuizen

Lieke Schneijdenberg

Vivian ten Have

Björn Merckx

Gittan Kuiper

Mark Hakhof

Babke Hogenhuis

Pascal van de Poll

Anne-Lies Dubel de Jong

Leonie Koelmans

Elisabeth den Heeten


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