We help you become B Corp.

Having been part of the B Corp movement for multiple years and having trained B-leaders on the team, the certification process holds little secrets for Elemental. Here’s how we can help your organisation join the movement.

What we do

With our team of B-leaders, we can help organisations with a sustainable ambition to assess the viability of becoming a B Corp, to formulate their sustainable ambition, or even to become a B Corp.

What is B Corp?

B corp is a legal corporate structure designed to enable companies to prove their commitment to positive social-ecological  impact. As being a force for good, companies with the B Corp certification officially commit to achieving social and environmental goals, in addition to achieving profits. 

To obtain a B Corp certification, companies must complete an extensive assessment known as the Business Impact Assessment (BIA) and answer questions about their sustainable operations & impact business model. 

Here’s how we can help your company: 


“So, are you eligible for
a B Corp certification?

We assess your organisation's viability

Performing a fit-gap analysis to gain insights on impact areas that need your attention

Aligning stakeholders with your ambition

Providing a clear ambition and action plan

Creating a roadmap for implementation that covers short and long term objectives

Quick Scan

  • Baseline measurement per B Corp impact theme
  • Reflect on number of points achieved relative to threshold set by B Corp
  • Gaining inspiration on how to become more sustainable
  • Elaboration with insight into how far away you are from a potential certificate

Impact Initiatives

  • Set ambition for making operation and impact business model more sustainable
  • Baseline measurement per B Corp impact theme
  • Gaining inspiration on how to become more sustainable
  • Set goals per impact theme with experts from the organisation
  • Define actions to get there
  • Receive a list of initiatives to make your operation & impact business model more sustainable
  • Involve experts from the organisation

The Road to B Corp

  • Set ambition for making operation and impact business model more sustainable
  • Baseline measurement per B Corp impact theme
  • Gaining inspiration on how to become more sustainable
  • Set goals per impact theme with experts from the organisation
  • Define actions to get there
  • Prioritise ambitions and actions
  • Design methods to get started
  • Receive a prioritized, supported, roadmap to B Corp certificate application
  • Clear action plan for the first period


“How can you formulate your
sustainable ambition?

We can help you by:

Creating a vision to make your company future-proof

Inspiring you with great examples and tangible practices

Formulating how youir business can be a force for good

Mapping what legislation is coming your way

Future ambition.

Form a picture of your right to exist in the future based on your strategy, (upcoming) legislation, current project, etc.

Determine ambitions for making the operation more sustainable and the impact business model


“You have your ambition,
but what’s next?

We take your busines to the next step by:

  • (Re) designing your impact business model
  • Making your operation more sustainable
  • Creating way of working & policies

Make Operations Sustainable

  • Implement roadmap with action teams
  • Validate results (appropriate policies, processes, reports and practices)
  • Results recorded in a handbook
  • Supported policies and processes


“You know you’re eligible and ready,
but where to start?

We alleviate the application process by:

  • Creating and implementing policies & ways of working
  • Assisting your team in handing in the assignment
  • Creating a movement within your company
  • Sharing accomplishments within the B Corp network and beyond

Get certified with Elemental

  • Coaching of internal project manager in further implementing the roadmap and applying for certification
  • Bringing employees along in the necessary movement
  • Start of application for B Corp certification
  • Trained project manager to complete the certification process

Important to know: applying for the B Corp certificate has its own timeline

  • Queue & evaluation: assessment by analyst of answers in outline and impact business model (±6 months)
  • Verification: submit additional documentation & verify answers
  • Improvement phase: improve score to 80 if needed
  • Final assessment check: check all answers and determine final score (±2 months from verification)


Our projects

Want to get inspired? Here you can have a look at the ones we’ve helped before you,
through our b-leaders knowledge:


How deep is sustainability embedded in the organisation and where are the opportunities for improvement?


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