5 reasons to become B Corp


– Justin van der Starre (Strategy & Transformation Consultant / B Leader)

B Corp: A powerful expression of your commitment to sustainability

More and more companies are wondering how to integrate and ensure sustainability in their organisations. In the coming years, the laws and regulations on sustainability obligations will continue to expand to a wider range of companies, including smaller SME organisations. For many organisations, it will therefore become increasingly harder to see the forest for the trees. 

Especially for these smaller companies, B Corp is  a good tool to take the first steps in the right direction. B Corp is a certification created by B Lab. In essence, a B Corp certification recognises companies that not only strive for profit, but are committed to creating positive social and environmental impact as an integral part of their corporate mission and decision making.

Why become a B Corp?

1. It creates a culture of positive change: the process of becoming a B Corp gets you thinking about the impact you have. It sends. asignal to employees in the organisation that your company is committed to putting B Corp values at the heart of the business strategy. It also often leads to new ideas and policies that have a visible positive impact on employees’ daily work. 

2. Measuring impact: B Corp certification provides a structured framework for measuring and improving your company’s social and environmental impact. This not only helps with accountability, but also forces continuous improvement. 

3. It leads you to better performance: the assessment tool (B Corps’ B Impact Assessment, BIA) is a learning tool and provides insight into how to improve your operation and business model in 3 ways. First, it stimulates action in undiscovered areas within your organisation. Second, it provides insight into how to grow even in the aspects in which you already excel. Finally, it encourages broader thinking about your real impact on the four different stakeholder groups (employees, customers, community & environment). 

4. Show you’re serious: a B Corp certification shows that your company is committed to sustaimable social change. This attracts customers and new employees. Many B Corps find that customers choose them specifically because they are B Corp. This also applies to employees and is distinctive in a structurally tight labor market. 

5. It’s a real community: many companies that become B Corp are positively surprised that they are part of a real community. Consisting of companies and their leaders who are genuinely interested in creating positive impact and want to support other companies do the same. 

Did this article trigger further thoughts? Do you have questions about B Corp Certification? Or, do you have a challenge where you could use our help? 

If so, contact our B Leader Justin van der Starre via

Justin van der Starre

Justin van der Starre



In an increasingly interconnected and environmentally conscious world, the role of business is evolving. Companies that embrace the B Corp certification are not just adapting to this change: they are leading it. They are proof that business can be a force for good, creating positive change in society and the environment. 

So, why become a B Corp? Because it is a powerful expression of your commitment to a sustainable, responsible and purposeful business model. It is an opportunity to align the success of your business with the well-being of the world. 

If you’re interested in becoming a B Corp or want to learn more about how Elemental can help you achieve this, have a look at our B Corp page & contact us! We are ready to help you make a meaningful impact. 

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